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Sold! Congratulations to Bow Brickhill Stables and John and Maxine Alexis who purchased Gracie as a mount for Tik Maynard! Watch out eventing world!

  Click photo above or here to see the keuring inspection video!

Grace is a First Premium KWPN Dressage filly, a performance horse and broodmare prospect extraordinaire! 

She combines the blood of  Goodtimes (Nimmerdor - Caletto I - Wahnfried) x Alino Queen by Michellino (Sire of WEG Silver Medallist Mistral Hojiris) .  Click photo above or here to see the inspection video!

2011 First Premium KWPN  Foalbook filly 

"Grace " is a First Premium KWPN filly Goodtimes x Michellino.  Grace has the movement, pedigree, and conformation to excel in every discipline!

Grace practicing her Damsire Michellino's Piaffe!


G00dtimes (Nimmerdor - Caletto I - Wahnfried) x Alino Queen by Michellino 2011 KWPN main foalbook filly

full sister to licensed stallion Good as Gold and KWPN 1st premium stallion prospect Fantastic Times

Grace is a performance horse and broodmare prospect extraordinaire! She combines the blood of G00dtimes (Nimmerdor - Caletto I - Wahnfried) x Alino Queen by Michellino

We have been so thrilled with this cross that we repeated it for the 8th time for 2012! Colt option for sale in utero!



learning to Piaffe at 3 weeks of age above!

Michellino, Sire of our foundation mare Alino Queen,

 is the #5 DRESSAGE Sire in the WORLD according to the WBFSH for 2011! 

2010 WBFSH Dressage Sire Ranking:
1 JAZZ 13045 17
2 DONNERHALL 9863 13
3 ROHDIAMANT 9386 10
4 MICHELLINO 8857 11
5 DE NIRO 8724 10
6 GRIBALDI 8565 8
7 WELTMEYER 7523 6
8 FLORESTAN I 6869 10
9 WELT HIT II 6148 7
10 FERRO 5920 7
11 RUBINSTEIN I 5837 7
** Michellino is also the damsire of Good as Gold, Fantastic Times, Aida, Epic Times, Dutch Times & Good to be Queen! C

**Mistral Hojris A Dansk Varmblod by Michellino (Alino Queen's sire) is now SECOND IN THE WORLD for Dressage (Aug 2010)! Hojris has also been to the Olympics, won individual bronze medal at the Europeans and team silver and has multiple wins in world cup events.




this filly is super elegant, very tall, and extremely athletic...not to mention her amazing temperament!



photos at 2 days of age

SIRE: Goodtimes (VDL) KWPN


Listed in the USDF Dressage Sires since he is producing Horse of the Year offspring!  This fabulous stallion produces offspring with good movement, lots of carrying power from behind, good jump and often the nice coloring of a pretty bay with socks.  Goodtimes is one of the most bred stallions in Holland and also for frozen semen.  They are highly successful. Goodtimes is approved KWPN, EnCL. Nimmerdor-Caletto I-Wahnfried. Nimmerdor and Caletto I jumped internationally at the highest levels and are first class stallions. Goodtimes became Champion in his tallion Test at the age of 3. He has several approved sons. He also sired various champion foals and mares and in 1996 and 1997 was the top sire of the UTV mares. His son Lucky Times became Champion of the pavo-Cup at the age of 4 and again at age 5. The offspring of Goodtimes jump nationally as well as internationally at the top levels. We often see names as Audi Mr. Lopez, Luwanda, Lowlands,Lavendal,Kluivert,Tilders,Gabanta, London Times and Kenwood placing highly. In addition, Hildon Cacheral placed in several Gran Prix along with VDL Kalusha who captured 2nd in the Derby of Eindhoven. Kris Kentaur won the European Young Riders Championship and his son Lorenzo won the Pan Am Championship for the won the Pan Am Championship for 7 year old horses. Goodtimes is an all-round breeding stallion. He sires top horses for dressage, jumping and selections. 

Dam:   Alino Queen by (Michellino)

Alino Queen is featured in the October 2007 issue of the 

Sport and Breeding Magazine

Photos courtesy of /Annette Boe Østergaard

full sibling Dutch Times and their dam Alino Queen

ÓStacy Lynne photo above

Half brother of Alino Queen below 

"Hello Yellow". Ridden by Caroline Rindlisbacher 

where they won the Inter II in 2006 in Horgenberg


  Listed in the USDF Dressage Sires since he is producing Horse of the Year offspring!  This fabulous stallion produces offspring with good movement, lots of carrying power from behind, good jump and often the nice coloring of a pretty bay with socks.  If you like a shorter back in a stallion and a fun personality, this is the sire for you.  Goodtimes is one of the most bred stallions in Holland and also for frozen semen.  They are highly successful.

Goodtimes is an all around breeding stallion having sired many champion offspring who excel at dressage as well as jumping.


A stallion with excellent gaits. He was a show jumper himself at the Z level and was Champion at  3 years old at Ermelo for the stallion approvals. His offspring are jumping on National and International top levels. Goodtimes has more approved sons and is the sire of more Champion foals and Champion mares . Not only he has jumping genes to give through but also on the dressage level he certainly  is a top producer. His son Lucky Times has won the Championship of the Pavo cup for  4 and 5 years old and is now successful  at Prix St George. Goodtimes produces horses for Dressage, Jumping and Keuringen.
Dressage index 2002: 128
Jumping index   2002: 129    

 Goodtimes (Nimmerdor) belongs to one of the most successful suppliers of selection horses and is further remarkable for a number of products in the dressage and showjumping sport such as Lucky Times, Gabanta, Kris and Kalusha. Dam Sas, like the successful international showjumping horse Shutterfly (Meredith Beerbaum), is a product of Silvio I. The dam’s line goes back via the showjumping horse progenitors Libero H, Cavalier, Le Mexico and Pericles xx to the mare Elmi (Waldo) from NL mares line 046. Elmi has also formed the baisis for the international showjumping horses Florence (Voltaire), Jente (Damiro B) and Calgary’s T (Le Mexico) as well as the KWPN stallion Ulft.

Nimmedor X Caletto I

Goodtimes is by the legendary Nimmerdor. His dam Zigeunerin(Hols) scored a high 90 in her IBOP. On her sire's side we find Caletto I a full brother to Caletto II ridden by the German team.

Goodtimes was Champion of his stallion testing and has several approved sons. He has also sired many Champion foals and mares and in 1996/97 he was the top sire of the UTV mares. His son Lucky times was the Champion of the Pavo cup at age 4 and 5. He also has many offspring successfully competing at international level jumping like: Audi Mr Lopez, Luwanda Lowlands, Lavendel, Kluivert, Tilders Gabanta, London times, and Kenwood. VDL Kalusha placed in several Grand prix's and came in 2nd in the Derby of Eindhoven. Kris Kentaur won the Europen young riders championship and his son Lorenzo won the Pan Am Championship for 7 yr old horses.

Goodtimes was champion colt at the Benelux Championship in Lanaken.

He scored 9 for jumping under saddle, crosscountry, and temperament.

Gootimes scores....
Walk 7.5 Trot 7.5 Canter 8.5 Free jumping 8.5 show jumping 9, cross country 9 character 9 stable behaviour 9

 training report 9. He was 1st place out of 24 stallions at the testing. He is a favorite to work with at VDL. Just really nice.

Goodtimes is an impressive stallion, who became champion of the performance test of his year. He is an allround breeding stallion, who produces show-worthy horses for jumping and dressage.
The progeny of Goodtimes jump at national and international competitions at the highest levels, like Audi´s MR. Lopez, Lowanda, Lavendel, Kluivert and Paljas.
Obelix became with Antonio Maurer champion of the 7 year olds of Mexico, and 3rd of the championship of all America. Also progeny like Lancer, Tilders Gabanta, London Times, Kenwood and Hildons Cacharel are placed in multiple Grand Prix'. VDL Kalusha became 2nd at the Derby of Eindhoven and Kris Kentauer won the European Championship Young Riders. 

Kris Kentauer was placed multiple times at Grand Prix with Piet Raymakers. Lorenzo won the Pan Am championship for 7 year olds and is also placed for Grand Prix and Fabius with his young rider A. Bond were at the Olympic trials in de USA the youngest participating combination. His son Lifetime was three times ´Hunter of the Year´.

The fact that Goodtimes also breeds dressage horses, has been proven by Lucky Times. He won the PAVO cup as a 4 and as a 5 year old, and now starts at Grand Prix level with Anne van Uytert. Kennet W, winner of European Team Gold at the European Championship Young Riders is currently an emerging dressage talent in the Light Tour with Jenny Schreven.

Goodtimes produces many 'ster'- and 'keur' mares who compete at national and international level. In 2002, Goodtimes' offspring became champion of Noord - Holland. In 2003 the  champion of Noord - Brabant and in 2004 the champion of Limburg. In 2004, he had no less than 5 three year old daughters appointed for the national mare show. 

He has currently multiple approved sons, like Kalusha, Kenwood, Timeless, Londontimes en Sydney.


The VDL stud owned KWPN stallion Good Times (Nimmerdor x Caletto) has gone into retirement in England. John Drake and Pat Ruck will put the stallion up at their stable in Coventry where he will go into the field there and will be used for breeding only limitedly. Due to his age 

the amount of his semen has decreased though the quality is still good. The now 19-year old Good Times was the stallion performance test champion and was a true allround horse. His most famous dressage offspring are the Grand Prix horse and Pavo Cup winner Lucky Times and the young riders horse Kennet W. He has three licensed offspring with the KWPN: Kenwood, Kalusha and Londontimes. Good Times will be joined by another VDL stallion Hattrick (Ahorn x L Ronald) who also moves to Drake's stud in England.

Dutch stallion owner

full sister to Good as Gold, Good to be Queen, Dutch Times, Epic Times, and Fantastic Times!

Click here: Good to Be Queen Video

Click Here: Good as Gold Video



Graceful Queen F, DUTCH WARMBLOOD, 2011
Graceful Queen
bay,2011 1st premium KWPN filly


br 1.66 m 1988
b 168 cm 1972
dkb/br 169 cm 1959
b 162 cm 1954
FANATIKER* b 163 cm 1940
blk 156 cm 1958
MONARCH blk 1941
SCHELLE b 1940
b 1963
ch 164 cm 1946
POUTZI b 1934
SENATOR* b 166 cm 1953
FRIEDHILDE blk 157 cm 1945
ch 1981
b 174 cm 1975
b 169 cm 1968
RANTZAU* ch 165 cm 1946
QUENOTTE* b 170 cm 1960
b 168 cm 1967
CONSUL* b 1960
br 1,59 1965
WALDENSER b 161 cm 1951
SEGLERIN H ch 1958
pal 17h 1998
b 16.2 1991
dkb/br 16.2 1985
blk/br 1.69m 1963
PRALINE b 1954
br 16.0 1979
MATADOR* dkb/br 1.71m 1974
MIRABELL III dkb/br 15.2 1969
br 16.1 1978
LE MEXICO* ch 169 cm 1970
PIA 16.1 1974
buck 1988
br 1962
blk/br 167 cm 1958
ANBLICK* dkb/br 161 cm 1938
KRETA b 1951
buck 1984
br 1976
RAIMONDO* br 16.3 1970
AMIGO 1971
pal 1969
MAGNAT* ch 1.63m 1955
TINA pal 1962
  * - Photo Available


Grace is for sale, as we have retained ownership of her two full brothers for breeding...Please inquire.



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